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Submission Requirements (updated 8.9.21)

Please send over all submissions to servicing@ugm.digital.

Our servicing department receives many submissions a week, so we ask that you allow at least 5 business days before sending a follow-up email to our team.

Here are the UGM Digital Submission Requirements:

1. Records must be in the following file formats: MP3 (320 kbps) or WAV

2. Music must be tagged with the following information: Cover Art, Features (if applicable), BPM, Key ISRC (if applicable), Year, Genre, and Producer(s)

3. Send music in the following versions: Full Version, Instrumental, and Acapella (only Clean will be considered)

4. Please send music via Box, Dropbox, or Google Drive links only (NO WeTransfer links)

5. All links need to be accessible (check permissions)

6. Hi-res photo of single/album cover (at least 1500×1500 pixels)

7. Social network profile links and handles

8. Please include the following in the body of your email:

“I, YOUR NAME, hereby grant UGM Unlimited, Inc. a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use the Recordings I have sent via email and file sharing service. I, YOUR NAME, represent and warrant that I own and/or control 100% of the copyright in the composition and 100% of the copyright in the Master and have the right to grant the rights granted to UGM Unlimited Inc.”

Failure to provide any of the above will guarantee that your music will not be considered.

Submission does not automatically guarantee a spot within our catalog. Once properly received your record is reviewed and if approved, will be added and you will receive notification that your music has been released to DJs for promotion. DJs that we service will then be notified of the new addition.

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